2 Seconds Stay Young

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation – Spray

Protecting and regenerating cellular anti-age and anti-wrinkle skincare. After 4-6 weeks of application skin density and firmness will be increased.

Anultra-light rejuvenating Aqua Serum Formula of advanced Stem Cells of the Argan Tree and Rejuvena FP Complex. The unique composite of extraordinary botanical ingredients activates the collagen and elastin synthesis, reduces the wrinkle depth and strengthens the antioxidant defence mechanisms, which protect the skin against free radicals. By vitalizing and protecting dermal stem cells, new fresh skin cells (fibroblasts) will be built, meaning that skin aging will be fought directly at the root.

The Swiss revolutionary 2 Seconds Cellular Bionic Aqua-Botanic Serum Spray transports the active substances to deeper skin layers by using the micro Botanical Liposome Technology and Ginkgo O2 Booster.

Volume: 50 ml