A non Surgical Treatment for Face and Body Tightening

A “non – invasive” Hyperthermia method that provides all the advantages of a deep thermal increase even in cerebral tissue. The regenerative of this method is especially beneficial in restoring a younger and firmer skin, capable of maintaining the tissue activity and ensuring the presence of a young cell population, intervening positive lying their evolution mitigating the effects of aging.

Significant improvements can be noted right from the end of the first session.

Indiba provides deep heat to the affected area by transforming electrical energy to heat energy. An insulated metallic electrode transfers electrical energy resulting in heat when the cells of the tissue act as electrical resisters. The Indiba provides a kind of local fever to the deeper areas. This fever increases circulation, lymphatic activity and promotes tumor regression, along with other positive affects listed below.


A metal plate will be placed directly on the skin opposite the affected area. The therapist will then apply a generous amount of ultra- sound gel to enable the electrode to be easily moved. Then the electrode will be placed on the area and moved in circular motions. Average time is 15 minutes depending on the case.


  • Increase of arterial circulation vasodilatation giving rise to increased oxygenation anda decreased acidity of the tissues.
  • Increase of venous drainage with greater re-absorption of catabolites and decreasing of the oedema in areas with inflammatory processes.
  • Increase of the permeability of the cellular membrane, allowing better transfer of metabolites through it.
  • Speeding up of cicatrization of wounds.
  • Stimulation of the immune system and decrease of free radicals


Although the contraindications for the application of the hyperthermia equipment should be laid down by the corresponding specialist, there are a series of circumstances where precautions must be fully respected.

  • Electric and electronic implants, internal or externally connected to batteries or radio control for example: pacemakers, neuro stimulators, drug dosifiers, cochlear implants and external monitoritations.
  • Internal haemorrhage processes in acute phase
  • During pregnancy on the torso.
  • Patients undergoing de-clotting treatment.
  • In the first postoperative 48 hours in some pathologies