Age Meter is a genuine body age assessment program. Due to variations in lifestyle, occupation, work, and diet, each person’s body can age differently. This program aims to assess and compare various aspects of an individual’s body to determine if they are stronger, younger, or older than their actual age. This examination helps in planning personalized healthcare and addressing premature deterioration, contributing to appropriate anti-aging measures for each individual.

Age Meter

What does the Age Meter measure within the body? 

  1. Hearing reaction time (ms): Measures how quickly you respond to sounds.
  2. Peak Sound Level (Hertz): Determines the highest pitch you can hear.
  3. Decision response time (ms): Assesses how fast you can make decisions.
  4. Decision time (ms): Evaluates the time it takes for you to make decisions.
  5. Short-Term Memory: Tests how many randomly generated numbers you can remember as the sequence gets longer.
  6. Muscle speed and coordination (seconds): Measures the speed and precision of your muscles’ movements.
  7. Visual reaction time (ms): Determines how fast you respond to visual stimuli.
  8. Visual movement time (ms): Assesses how fast your muscles move when responding to visual stimuli.

The global database is continuously updated worldwide. All test results are added anonymously to the database, forming an ever-expanding Global Aging Study. This study aims to provide more accurate life expectancy calculations based on the data collected from individuals worldwide.

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