Aura Spell

Clear and radiant skin is something everyone desires, and having it while maintaining good overall skin and hair health is a true blessing. With Aura Spell IV Therapy, an innovative treatment designed to replenish and nourish you with a rejuvenating aura for your hair and skin

Aura Spell IV Therapy serves as your gateway to a higher level of beauty, enriched with incredible nutrients:

  1. Strengthen Your Hair What kind of hair have you always dreamed of? Aura Spell IV treatment harnesses the power of collagen as its foundation to restructure your hair, ensuring it remains strong and vibrant.
  2. Achieve Clear and Smooth Skin with a Youthful Radiance With antioxidants, this therapy not only enhances the clarity of your facial skin but also stimulates collagen production, leaving your skin looking even-toned and radiantly healthy for an extended period.

Features a carefully selected lineup of essential ingredients:

Vitamin C: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and a catalyst for collagen synthesis, making it essential for maintaining skin’s health and functionality.

Glutathione: The Ultimate Antioxidant

Known as the “ultimate antioxidant,” Glutathione enables enhanced oxygen flow to the skin, promoting a radiant complexion.

Collagen: The Essence of Beauty

Collagen plays a central role in supporting the health of your skin, hair, and nails.


Aura Spell IV Therapy offers a multitude of benefits. Administered intravenously, it is the most renowned method for delivering concentrated nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The treatment takes just 45 minutes, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterward.

Unlock the secrets to radiance and enhance your natural beauty with Aura Spell IV Therapy. Promote hair and nail health, stimulate skin regeneration, and bask in the radiant aura it bestows.

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