cadi check

“Cardi/Check is a heart screening program designed to analyze and detect early signs of heart-related issues. It is integrated into the motherboard, allowing for the analysis of heart health data. By identifying problems at an early stage, individuals can receive appropriate treatment and gain a comprehensive understanding of their heart health.

The program consists of five components: Cardiflex, CardiStress, ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), cardiac coherence, and RTI (Respiratory Issues Index).

  • Cardiflex: The Cardiflex algorithm evaluates the pulse wave, specifically systole and reflection, which provide self-assessment of red blood cells.
  • CardiStress: CardiStress measures the stress index and physiological ability to resist stress. It takes into account cardiac coherence and ANS activity.
  • ANS (Autonomic Nervous System): ANS monitors the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Cardiac coherence: This component assesses stakeholder involvement.
  • RTI (Respiratory Issues Index): RTI measures the optimal demand for oxygen in the blood.

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The physical examination includes measuring blood oxygen variability, which is a safe and convenient medical test. This external measurement provides a more accurate oxygen level assessment, aiding in the diagnosis of respiratory or heart conditions. Normal oxygen levels typically range from 95% to 100%, and levels above 90% may indicate lung or heart problems.

CARDI/CHECK is equipped with a small device that incorporates oximetry. It shines light through a sample, measuring the oxygen content. This data is expressed as a numerical value and presented as a percentage, providing valuable insights into heart health.

The program offers comprehensive health assessments and tailored treatment plans for individuals. The results are obtained through advanced technology systems and analyzed by a team of health and medical professionals. Risk factors and personalized goals for healthcare are discussed with the individual during the result consultation.


Benefits of CARDI/CHECK include:

  • Early detection: Identifying heart problems early when they are still treatable.
  • Personalized outcomes: Providing individuals with a clear understanding of their heart health, including individual risk factors and recommendations.
  • Convenience: Offering outpatient care with a single appointment.
  • Core Operating System: Utilizing programming to send messages for analysis, ensuring comprehensive assessment and distribution of heart health information.
  • Consideration of heart health: CARDI/CHECK enables clients to make informed health decisions based on collected data, helping them proactively manage their well-being.”