Balanze Therapeutic Massage

  • Neck & Shoulders (60 mins)
  • Upper Part : Upper body treatment (75 mins)
  • Lower Part : Lower body treatment (75 mins)
  • Full body : Whole body treatment (120 mins)
  • Localized Ultraplus : Local area treatment + Ultrasound (50 mins)

The combination between Deep tissue massage and manual physiotherapy such as mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, stretching and strengthening exercise that aim for structural changes in long-term effect.

  • To reduce muscle tension and release trigger points.
  • To increase range of motion.
  • To strengthen weak muscles.

Ultrasound Therapy (20 mins)

Ultrasonic frequency range 0.8 – 3.0 MHz.

  • To increase blood & Lymph circulation.
  • To reduce pain and chronic inflammation.
  • To stimulate healing process around the pain area.
  • To relax soft tissue.
  • To heal scar tissue.

Electrotherapy (40 mins)

Low electrical current for pain relief and muscle strengthening.

  • To accelelate healing process around the pain area.
  • To decrease muscle spasm (muscle relaxation).