Ultra Lipo

How does technology work?

UL is a non invasive localized fat treatment that apply 2 ultrasonic wavelength against deep fat and cellulite. It includes the “classic” 1 MHz ultrasounds act on the skin surface providing skin tightening and the ultrasonic cavitation wavelength at 40 KHz.

act on the deeper layer cause the so called “cavitation” effect which generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid situated in the interior of the adipose tissue.Its repeated action causes the accumulation of these micro bubbles, with each other to implode and collapse.

The result is the destruction of the adipose cells transforming the fat nodules in liquid substances that in a natural way the body removes through the lymph and going to be metabolized by the liver.

UL is able to gently and safely eliminate centimeters of belly, buttocks, hips and thighs without any side effect!