Colon Hydrotherapy

Ions Infrared Sauna

Real Lymphatic Drainage Massage

IV Therapy

Advance Detox Program

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to comfortably detoxify their body, as it only requires 3 and a half hours.

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IV Therapy

Brain Ultra Boost IV Therapy

Chelation IV Therapy

Immune Plus IV Therapy

Age Meter

“AgeMeter is a program that helps estimate the age of individuals based on the reality that everyone experiences life differently through their careers. It takes into account factors such as nutrition, physical fitness, and overall well-being. The program aims to identify areas where an individual’s body might be stronger, younger, or healthier than their actual chronological age. By analyzing various aspects, it can provide tailored plans, support, and solutions to address premature aging and related issues. This approach supports the goal of anti-aging in a personalized and appropriate manner for each individual.”

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Age Meter

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“A team of experts specializing in anti-aging medicine.”